Ellipsis CASH for LEADS Referral Program

Can we buy you a cup of coffee? ... or 100?

Refer friends, enemies and other small businesses who could benefit from running Ellipsis Local Marketing Campaigns and earn cash instantly!


How it works

Create Account

Go to your Ellipsis account or create one if you haven’t done so already (it is absolutely free). Click here to create your free Ellipsis account.

Refer and Get Gift Card

Refer small businesses who could benefit from Ellipsis Marketing Campaigns. We will give you a $25 gift card for every five new referral accounts.

Earn Cash

We will pay you 5% of the monthly cost of their first campaign every month as long as that campaign runs (in addition they will also get 5% discount on their first campaign).

Example Scenario

  1. You refer Joe to us.
  2. Joe creates his Ellipsis account. You get a $25 gift card for every five new referral accounts created.
  3. Joe starts his first Ellipsis Campaign that's priced at $1000/month for 12 months. You get 5% of that, that is $50/month for 12 months. That is $600 in total. (Joe also gets a discount and pays $950/month for that campaign).

There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make. And there is NO LIMIT to the amount of cash you can earn from this CASH for LEADS Referrals Program!



Three Simple Ways to Refer and Earn CASH for LEADS

Submit referrals from your Ellipsis account page

Log in to your Ellipsis Account and use the "CASH for LEADS" on the upper right corner.

Send a referral Code/URL to your referral

Email your referrals your personalized "Ellipsis Introduction Code/URL". You can find it by clicking "CASH for LEADS" on the upper right corner (after you log in)..

Ask your referral to mention your name

Mention your Ellipsis Account Email to your referrals; Ask them to mention that Email anytime they interact with us, either over the phone or via the Contact Us or the Sign Up form.

Ready to Earn CASH for LEADS?