Marketing Handyman Services

For all other day to day local marketing needs

Good marketing doesn't happen in a silo. Sometimes additional services are needed to enable a specific marketing effort or enhance the outcome of a campaign. That's where our Marketing Handyman Services come into play.

These services are built to support Ellipsis 5-mile Campaigns™. Sometimes you may not have the proper infrastructure to run specific campaigns or a little prep work may enhance the outcome of a campaign. We can help you with that.

Complements or strengthens Ellipsis 5-mile campaigns™
Offered at low costs
Typically consists of setup tasks but may involve ongoing activities
Actual price depends on specific service needs

Website Development

Starting $299/-

Your personal website, professionally designed anding page, or a lead capture page, and much more

Print Design

Starting $49/-

Professionally designed flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, and much more

Local Marketing Plan

Starting $995/-

Created by local marketing expert in your area who understands your business, industry and the local demography

CRM Setup

Starting $99/-

Hand picked based on your current and future needs, professionally setup to match your processes

Customer Data Cleansing

Starting $199/-

Remove old and invalid email addresses, duplicate entries, incorrect spellings, old addresses and phone numbers, and much more

Email Marketing Templates

Starting $79/-

Professionally created email templates, setup in your preferred email marketing tool

Do Not Call Register Certification

Starting $149/-

Get properly certified to run your own telemarketing campaign and comply with all the required laws