About Ellipsis 5-mile Campaigns™


What is a 5-mile Campaign™?

A 5-mile Campaign™ is a quick, easy and cost effective local marketing campaign, for businesses looking for local customers. It is hyper local, and is specifically designed for a business type, location, budget and need.

For example, a restaurant in San Francisco, CA may need to promote their new summer cocktails. They may have a budget of $500 and would like to attract local customers and generate $6000 in sales through this campaign. In this case the restaurant owner can use "Ellipsis Summer Days 5-mile Campaign™".

As another example, a new day care in Mountain View, CA may need to promote their facility through targeted mailers and social media. In this case, "Ellipsis Targeted Mailers" and "Ellipsis Social Media Presence" campaigns will be best suited for them.

One 5-mile Campaign™ can use a mix of traditional and latest marketing and advertising techniques to attract and keep local customers. For example, a postcard may be sent out to a targeted audience along with a follow up phone call or a SMS a few days later.

Why does a 5-mile Campaign™ work better?

A 5-mile Campiagn™ works better because it is created after lot of local research, data and analysis on a particular geography, demography and business. It focuses on "people" (i.e. your target customer) and the best "channel" (example: print, digital, TV, Radio, etc.) to engage with them, not the underlying "vehicle or technology" (example: Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.). After lot of research, hit and trial, we found "vehicle and technology" is ever changing, it will come and go, "people" and the way they interact over a "channel" are ever green. It's important to focus on "people" and "channel" and then think about using the right, most cost effective "vehicle or technology" in the right way. And that's what makes a 5-mile Campaign™ better than anything else out there.

What's included in a 5-mile Campaign™?

A 5-mile Campaign™ is full service and run by experienced local marketing professionals. Price includes everything from design to execution, support, reporting & analytics, and necessary meetings with the business owner, either in person or via phone. There is complete transparency, so you know exactly what's going on at any time and how the campaign is performing. In addition to that, all 5-mile Campaigns™ come with a variety of complementary services that may be needed to enhance the performance of the campaign, such as building a lead capture or a landing page, customer data cleansing, etc. These services are provided either for free or at extremely low prices. You can learn more about our complementary services here - Click here.

How long does a 5-mile Campaign™ run?

A 5-mile Campaign™ runs for a specific duration (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) and emphasizes heavily on results that can be tied directly to increase in revenue. If for some reason results are below industry average, the campaign stops automatically.

How do I pay for a 5-mile Campaign™?

All 5-mile Campaigns™ are priced to be paid on a month-to-month basis. The price is fixed upfront so there is no surprise billing later. While you may start a campaign that's scheduled for a specific duration, say 6 months, you can still stop it anytime you want. You pay only for the time the campaign runs.

Are 5-mile Campaigns™ available for my business type and location?

5-mile Campaigns™ are currently available for select business types and locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The map below shows the areas where these campaigns are currently available. Please click the "Show Campaigns & Prices" button below to see the campaigns for your business type and location. If you don't see any campaigns, please contact us and we'll get your business type and location added as soon as possible!