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Our 5-mile Campaigns™ are the quickest, easiest, and the most cost effective way to find local customers within your local service area.

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Example: Automobile Repair, Body Work, Batteries, Tires, Glass, Cleaning, Gas Stations, Roadside Assistance, Towing, Service and Maintenance, etc.
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Campaigns include Local Listings & SEO, Online Paid Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Print Media, Billboards & Outdoor Media, Mobile Ads, TV Ads, Radio Ads, Direct Mail, Phone Appointments, and more!





We believe promoting your business locally should be quick, easy and cost effective. And most importantly it should drive sales. With Ellipsis, you will never have to worry about finding customers, so you can focus on making your customers' dreams come true.

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We take care of the hard work while you run your business.

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We track, monitor and adapt all campaigns, so you know that they work for you.

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We tell it the way it is with pre-priced services.